Testimonials / Client Feedback


Donya Bruehl, Texas

"This was my first Reiki experience, and I really had no idea what to expect, as everyone seems to have a very unique experience. Jeanie made me feel very at ease. I went through various levels of emotions, thoughts and physical sensations during my session. When my session ended, I felt very peaceful, positive, and relaxed. In addition to all of that, the pain I had been feeling in my neck and shoulders was completely gone. I am amazed by how affected I was and am intrigued to learn more and experience this on an even deeper level in the future. Thanks, Jeanie!"

Benjamin & David, california (Couples distance reiki)

"I was surprised to feel "energy" in different parts of my body. First where David and I were holding hands, and then my heart, stomach, and feet. David says his head, heart, and chest immediately relaxed. his heart felt more open and less defensive. Around the time of the gong in the music soundtrack, he said that he felt like his liver was detoxing. David says my physical and mental energy is normally very active to him. He can normally feel my mind churning or my body moving around. During the session, however, he said that I seemed much more calm and accessible to him, and like he and I were on the same wavelength. He really enjoyed that."

Tori M, California

"I've been to Jeanie a couple of years now for Reiki sessions. First off, her sweet, kind personality makes you feel instantly comfortable. My Reiki sessions are my time to relax and focus on myself. Jeanie has even done a distance Reiki for me when I felt I needed a tune up but couldn't get to her. After every Reiki session, my sleep that night is deeper and more refreshing. In 2017 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Jeanie made a special essential oil blend for my throat/neck area. If you're considering Reiki, please consider Jeanie. You won't be disappointed."

Testimonials / Client Feedback


Julie K, California

"Having had both in person and distance Reiki sessions, I can testify that what she says is absolutely correct. I awoke on Thanksgiving morning unable to use my hands at all from rheumatoid arthritis. I was crying and very upset that I would not be able to prepare all the food that was awaiting me in the kitchen. Jeanie offered to do "distance Reiki"  on me and I agreed, though I didn't have a lot of hope. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes and a few minutes later my hands literally raised up off my body. Its as if the pain was being magically pulled from me. Half an hour later I was up and happily making my sides for the big meal. No pill or cream had ever done anything close to this. The pain wasn't numbed, it was completely gone. I have had many in person sessions but nothing as dramatic as this was. I don't know how it works, nor do I care, I can tell you, IT WORKS."


"I absolutely love the CHILL blend from Redwood Essential Healing. The scent has a grounding, protective energy to it. I use it on a daily basis & also while traveling. My experience is that it calms me & brings me a grounded sense of protection. The scent also brings me a feeling of hope. Thank you so much for creating this blend! "