About Me


My great grandmother Noeimi was a healer in the deep South many years ago; back then they were called Traiteurs. Folks from all over would come to her for healing. I feel blessed to be following in her footsteps.  (For an interesting story about my great grandmother, please check out this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nknjfjzkiQ)

I was introduced to Energy Healing in 2017, during an Acupuncture/Acupressure appointment. The only way that I could describe my experience was that I felt like I was 'effervescing' on the inside, just like a kid on Christmas morning! I began to feel more at peace with myself and more focused than I had ever been in my life. I was enthralled with that magical feeling!  Immediately I began reading every book that I could get my hands on, watching every webinar, and then began attending Reiki classes, in addition to countless webinars and classes on energy and spiritual healing. Since my attunement I have been practicing Reiki on family, friends, coworkers and clients. It has been an extraordinary journey; Energy/Spiritual Healing  has truly transformed my life, inside and out. I am certified in Usui Ryoho Reiki I, II, & III and Chakra Theraputics. I am a member of the Reiki Healing Association.

I am currently very happy and excited to be enrolled in the Intuitive Healer Training Program with Wendy De Rosa (School of Intuitive Studies) and working to uplevel my Spiritual Consciousness so that I may serve my clients in the highest way possible.

Check out my YouTube video to learn more about energy healing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFYkats0fOo

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Essential Oils have also become an extremely important part of my own daily mediation and my Energy/Spiritual Healing practice. In addition to using them for healing a variety of ailments for myself and my family, I incorporate essential oils into my healing sessions to specifically aid and address the physical and emotional issues of my clients. I also create custom blends that are extremely beneficial for a wide variety of physical and emotional issues. The feedback that I have received has been truly amazing. If you are looking for a blend that you don't see on my website, please email me and I will create a special custom blend just for you. All of my essential oil blends may be ordered by emailing me or by visiting my Etsy Shop at: RedwoodEssentialHeal. 

I feel blessed to have received this gift of love, light and healing and am honored to share it with others.

Services & More Information


  • In Person OR Distance     $75
  • Couples Distance    $75

Sessions are approximately one hour in length, including intake and wrap up at the conclusion of the session.  Chakra Balancing may be included as part of your healing  session.

Your session will be custom tailored to your specific needs and will directly address any physical and/or emotional issues that you are experiencing. Essential Oils that may be beneficial may be incorporated into your session. 

A client relaxes on a massage table listening to meditation music and enjoying the aroma of diffused essential oils during the healing  session. It is a very safe, warm and relaxing environment. 

If you are unable to receive a healing session in person, a distance session might be the perfect solution for you. Sessions are scheduled and conducted so that you receive the same benefit as if you were actually there in person.    

All that is required is that you commit to a mutually agreed upon time slot, find a quiet place to relax and open your mind and heart to the experience. The feedback that I have received for distance Reiki sessions  has been amazing!

Couples Reiki sessions are also available. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with and share love, light and healing with your partner. Couples may include married couples, partners, siblings, parent/child, friends, or any combination. These sessions are only available as distance healing sessions.

All Energy Healing sessions are kept strictly confidential.

I accept credit cards, PayPal, and VenMo.


Custom blended essential oils created specifically for you. Each blend is a combination of 100% pure, organic essential oils in a carrier oil. They are blended in a 10 ml cobalt glass bottle with rollerball top for easy application. Contact me at redwoodessentialhealing@gmail.com to specify what issues you are experiencing and what type of blend you would like created. All of my custom blends are infused with Reiki.

  • 10 ml Personalized Custom Blended Essential Oils     
  • $15 + shipping

Some of my most popular blends include:

  • Chill - A very special blend of essential oils that include Trauma Oil and may help to reduce extreme anxiety, stress and trauma. 
  • Pain Free - A great alternative to over the counter pain relievers. Works quickly.
  • Sleepytime -  Works wonders for insomnia and helps with relaxation.
  • Uplifting - This blend is great for depression or just for a lift when you're feeling down.

In addition, you may order your own custom blend for any physical and/or emotional issue you are experiencing.   Please email me with any questions.

Essential Oil Blends may be ordered through my website via email or through my Etsy Shop: RedwoodEssentialHeal.


  • Is Reiki massage?   No, Reiki is not massage. The Reiki practitioner may lightly touch the client or only hover their hands over the body of the client during the session.
  • What do I wear to my Energy Healing session? Wear comfortable leggings/sweat pants, t-shirt and socks.
  • What should I expect from a Healing session?   The vast majority of clients experience a deep relaxation, some doze off and may have vivid mini-dreams, while others have a more dramatic experience. Some clients report seeing colors and having an out of body feeling. Most report a vast improvement in the physical discomfort and emotional stress by the end of the session. It is very common for individuals to feel a shift in their energy and perception, and to experience a release from emotional issues and trauma. Clients report that each healing session is more intense, enjoyable and beneficial. 
  • How can I get the most benefit from my Energy Healing session?  The most important things are to relax, unplug and remain open to your experience.
  • What about after my Energy Healing session? It's important to drink lots of water to detox your system of any trauma or negative energy that has been released. Some clients report having vivid dreams for the first few days after their session, which can be therapeutic and enlightening.